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Item #T035 ~ 2 1/4" White Embroidered Wedding Trim with Sequin & Pearls ~ White Wedding Lace


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Item collection 06dca1d2 9f45 44d8 805a 328caa510b41

Item #LA016 ~ 5pcs Large White Venise Heart Appliques


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item #CL002 ~ 2 1/4" Cream Lace ~ 2 yards Cream Lace ~ Fan Lace ~ Mermaid Lace


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Item T032 ~ 1 yard Ecru Gimp ~ Ecru Chinese Braided Trim


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Item #WV008 ~ 1 yard 2" White Venise Lace


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Item B038 ~ 1 yard Rhinestone Chain ~ Double Channel Rhinestone Chain


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Item #B036 ~ 5pcs Round Crystal Rhinestones with AB Finish ~ Bling pieces


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